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InfySorb Pouch

Adsorbs approximately 2 cups of oil.


InfySorb adsorbs 3x as much oil and 3x as fast as other leading products. Not to mention, it takes 50% less power and plastic to create our material – a win, win for consumers and earth!



INFYSorb is a molten, hyper-blown polypropylene sorbent nanomaterial that repels water and retains oil, making it ideal for collecting fats, oils, and greases as well as hydrocarbons.


Nearly everyone’s first fish.  “Sunnies” or “Sunfish” are fun and easy to catch, delicious to eat, and small enough to be extremely manageable.  There many varieties are easy to find in nearly every lake or stream in the U.S.  InfySorb’s loose fill sorbent is similarly easy-to-use, incredibly useful for a litany of oil sorbent use cases, and super simple to manage.  If you have a small spill or leak, simply rip open our heat sealed recyclable pouch of InfySorb, grab a handful of our fluffy sorbent, and press it into whatever hydrocarbon you spilled.  Let it sit very briefly, as it works incredibly fast, and lift it up.  Magic!  Your oil spill is now gone, your hands are clean, and you can put the used sorbent “glob” into the resealable bag for disposal or into the trash.  Easy Peasy.  Our pouches of InfySorb are the easiest, most capable, cleanest, oil sorbent products available.  If you need a no-brainer oil clean-up solution, that cleans your mess without messing your hands, InfySorb pouches, just like easy to find, catch, and eat sunfish, are for YOU!


Just a few of the substances our staff and users have reportedly used InfySorb pouches for include: cooking oils of all types (vegetable, canola, olive, lard, sunflower, corn, etc), various motor oils in all viscosities, brake fluid, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, pellet grill grease pails, bearing grease, oil-based paints, oil-based make-up, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, camping white gas, liquid propane, and yes, it even adsorbs WD-40 (believe it or not, fish oil is one of the ingredients in that product).  


There is no more versatile product that should be in every garage and kitchen, than InfySorb pouches (except maybe duct tape).

InfySorb Pouch

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